American Baptist Churches

This church is a part of American Baptist Churches/USA (ABCUSA) which is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA. It is through this denominational network that we support missions and have access to resources for our ministries. Within this structure, we are part of American Baptist Churches of Maine (ABCOM) which is headquartered in Augusta. Our regional Executive Minister and his team works with the churches in this state to promote the smooth operation of our ministries and to integrate us into a whole. We also participate in the York County Association of ABCOM and we meet twice annually with these sister churches in our county. Together we strive to lift up the Name of Our Lord as we work to serve Him in our local, regional, national and international ministries.

Our denominational history is a rich and proud one. The American Baptist Convention was born out of a great split over the issue of slavery. More than just a matter of economics or states rights or Biblical interpretation, the historic split separating Northern Baptists and Southern Baptist rent squarely down the perforation of inclusivity. Namely, how could those who defended slavery and those who found it morally repugnant exist together on the same national boards and committees of the denomination? Though the church tried to side-step the issue, any time it was broached in a forum with national representation, polarization occurred.

It was in 1845 that by mutual consent, the denomination split into north and south. Since the time that the Northern Baptists reorganized into the American Baptist Convention, it’s stated and defended denominational policy has been one of inclusivity. Today our members are of every race, color, gender, nationality, political persuasion and age and we continue to welcome diversity into our churches. Our leaders reflect our diversity as we enjoy the gifts of the Spirit exercised by men and women of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. As we seek to implement the teachings of Christ and the Bible, we continue to value all human beings as we seek to lead them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is a heritage of which we can all be proud and strive to continue to build for future generations to enjoy.